JEWISH PARIS WALKING TOURS AND MORE - Discover Paris and France with a jewish guide
My name is Chantal Biton.I was born in a jewish family, in Algiers. Coming back to France, I studied english, art and history in the Sorbonne to become a guide and lecturer. During my experience as a guide, I felt I had to help people discover the old and fascinating french jewish history, along with the traditional tales about France and it's marvelous touristic jewels. And I specialize in Paris and French jewish heritage tours. And hence, I got my national guide licence.

In the next pages, please discover my different programs.

I'll be happy to help you find a good kosher hotel, an excellent parisian kosher restaurants and help you choose them, don't hesitate , ask for any details , kosher or not.
This will be my pleasure.
I propose different tours: 2-3 or 4 Hours of the jewish area.
I give Private tours and accept groups to 20 persons, maximum.
Fees are different for a private tour, than for a group.
Don't worry to ask for my programs and prices using my email: or or eventually on my facebook pages.
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