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Messages I received after the tours :

Hello Chantal! 
Andy and I have arrived safely back in the USA! 
Our children returned from Israel yesterday and life is beginning to get back to normal. 
I have attached the photo you asked me to send to you. 
It is a photo of my mother, Lola Borkowska Lansky, taken in June 1945 after the liberation of Bergen Belsen. 
Thanks again for the very informative tour. We enjoyed it very much and we particularly enjoyed your company! 
Hope to see you again! 
Karen and Andy Edlin 

You beat me to it. It took me a while to catch up on my emails. 
I can’t thank you enough for the most fabulous week in Paris that anyone could have had. Tony was thrilled to be back after 62 years and you and Claudio certainly made it special for both of us. 
I felt like I left a good friend in France . Maybe it is that women tend to bond more than men do. We have had many guides over the years as we have traveled but this time it was different. I hope that the feeling was mutual. Maybe you are a long lost cousin because you are about the same height as the rest of my family!
I know today is your birthday and I hope it is a very happy one. I wish we could do lunch together to celebrate. I am going to go have a glass of wine in honor of your birthday. 
All my love,

Chere Chantal,
J'ai voulu vous remercier encore une fois pour un tour du Louvre superbe. J'ai fait des nouvelles connaissances et vu quelques vieux amis sous un autre jour. Vous etiez la guide parfaite et les quatre heures etaient un tres grand plaisir.
Ce soir-la, Nick et moi sommes fiances - une fin romantique a un weekend formidable.
Avec nos meilleurs voeux,

Thank you for everything!! We had great tours with you and will recommend you to our friends. We will be in touch before planning our next trip to France! Thanks again... Au revoir

Hi Chantal,       
We just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how much we enjoyed our Marais tour with you during our stay in Paris - especially the falafel part. You were very informative and a warmhearted person and we enjoyed being with you immensley. We only wish we had more time to explore Paris with you. Hopefully on the next trip. However, if we do make plans, you'll be the first to know. Be assured that we will also tell any of our friends who might be thinking of coming to Paris to e-mail you. Maybe you can set up some private tours on your own. 
Keep in touch - you can e-mail Wendy or I at ( or ). These are our home addresses. 
I'm e-mailing you today from my office address. 
Also, a very happy, healthy holiday season approaching to you and your entire family (Shana Tovah). 
Kindest regards, 
Kip & Wendy Saginor 

Dear Chantal, 
Thank you so much for such a memorable tour of the area. We enjoyed the day immensely and were delighted to meet you. You were exactly as I pictured you. We spent the rest of the afternoon in the area and had time later to visit the Jewish museum too. Thank you so much for bringing us into the various Temples. These were experiences we never would have had on our own. We are very grateful and if it is ok with you will recommend you to any friends who are visiting the area in the future. 
Our trip home was fine and we were greated by two very happy excited little girls who had missed their mom. My husband was glad we were home also. It was a perfect trip for mother - in- law and daughter - in- law and one I think we will repeat again. Thank you for making it even more special for us both 

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